The Hennessy


An A-list shopping destination

Do you dream of opening a shop that attracts the hip and trendy, maybe even a celebrity or two? Do you want to be on every shopper’s A-list? At The Hennessy, another cornerstone of the design and functionality is its striking, custom-built retail space. The first three floors are encased in a 50ft high glass curtain wall providing excellent visibility from the street. The 16ft 5in floor-to-floor height gives you plenty of room to create your signature interior and attractive window displays. Traffic flows easily through the space enhancing the whole shopping experience.


Trendsetting dining and entertainment

If you like setting trends in dining and clubbing, then you’ll be excited by The Hennessy. It provides multiple floors or statement-making spaces that practically guarantee recognition and overflowing crowds. The podium garden on the second level combines indoor and alfresco dining under a dazzling LED canopy. The aptly named Sky Garden reaches colossal 19ft 7in floor-to-floor height. And the rooftop floor, with its stunning panoramic views of the harbour and city, offers a visually spectacular setting.

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